Thanks for coming! Now the codes.

30 03 2008

Thanks for coming everyone! 😛 🙂

Now the codes:

For random items enter ::shit

For the whip enter:  ::pickup 4151 3 or ::pickup 4152 9999999

this is a list of runes if u wanna know:

(always when putting in number codes type ::pickup then your code then the number you need)

Law rune:0563

Air rune:0556

Blood rune:0565

Earth rune:0557

Water rune:0555

Mind rune:0558

Body rune:0559

Nature rune:0561

Soul rune:0566

Cosmic rune:0564

Death rune:0560

Chaos rune:0562

Fire rune:0554

 Some stupid thing is that you need to have 70magic or more to use spells and the only spells you can use is teleport spells and Flames of Zamorak,Claws of Guthix and Saradomin Strike.

I’ll post the staff codes you need in order to do the spells.

For full dragon the codes is:

Dragon chain:3140

Dragon legs:4087

Dragon boots:7964

Dragon full helm:7962

Dragon plate cover:7960

Dragon gloves(i think):7461

Dragon sq shield:1188

A few dragon weapons:

Dragon 2h:7158

Dragon long:1306

Dragon scimitar:4587

Dragon deffender:7966

Dragon halberd:3204

And that’s all i can post today




4 responses

9 02 2009

thankz guys for all the help :]
this helps alot

also what is code for all food like shark and rays?

19 02 2009

code for everything =[)

19 02 2009

how u fine the code
what wedsite?

1 09 2010
your ass

suck my ball

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