Code problems and 5,000 hits party!

7 05 2008

Hi guys!

Sorry for the codes i’m just so busy with school that i don’t get a chance to almost do anything.

About the party:

Place:Varrock square(because some players might not have 58 magic to go to Watchtower),world 5.

When:May 13th.

Time:Now this is the problem. I haven’t figured out the time yet so i’ll edit this post and we’ll see.

Who:Me,but i’m not sure about Marcel483/482.

Why: Because all of you GREAT viewers/players have visited and gave me 5,000hits!

Clothes: I’ll be wearing full 3rd age armour and silver whip or white whip and you guys could wear white or anything else!

What will we do: Well,dance around, maybe go pking (remember if you kill me i’ll remember your name and i will hunt you down……) duel each other,train something(if you wanna) kill guards etc.

Ok that’s my plans for the party(maybe it will change) and i hope you can make it!

Frugoo on!,

Queen Lindy





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