FrugooScape is down!

23 06 2008


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FrugooScape is currently down. If you go to you will see this:

Something is wrong with the server computer and it wont even turn on.
I have purched a new QUAD CORE 2.4GHZ server with 8GB ram to replace the broken server.
Frugoo Scape ultimate is coming close to being done too.

Frugoo Scape is down because the server does not even turn on. I had the data center send me the old server which i was planning to upgrade anyways. I have perched on Newegg a new server. This computer is a quad core 2.4GHZ with 8GB of ram. This will allow Frugoo Scape to expand more in the future with Ultimate. Right now I’m waiting to receive the server, then i have to build it and install the OS then ship it to the data center. I’m expecting this process to take no longer then one more week. I’ve been working on ultimate while the server has been down. I’m planning to release a beta of Frugoo Scape ultimate shortly after or right when all the servers are up again.

I have received all the parts for the server but two of them were not the correct model. This means its going to take longer. I bought one of them already and i need to wait till the 16th because the other one is out of stock. This is a good lesson for me. Not to listen people who should know what parts would be compatible

I just bought the case for the server. It should be here on Tuesday. I’ll put the server together, install the OS and send the server the same day. In theory the server should be up by Friday the 27 or some time the follow week. In the mean time I’ll just be updating Ultimate.

So, it should be up by the 27th.

– Queen Lindy




3 responses

14 11 2008

frugooscape is now down for ever and ever and beyond is never coming back although i could care less i hate anything to do with runescape but the forums just now got shut down and al is being sued at the everything that has to do with frugooscape or any other private server is going down. my advice would be to go buy a ps3 or xbox360 and buy some awesome rpgs and stop messing around with stuff like runescape its a big waste of time and money

1 01 2009

Omg….FSU dont work for me ….. Idk if only me…Very sad cuz i was with ma friend and then we both lagg then lost connection …. I cant go back on Frugoo now…Tell me if same for u

30 06 2009

froogoscape was suit for 5 grand and now they have era shift and the site is

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