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29 06 2008

Hey everybody!

There’s an update on

Yeah I’m sorry to say. The old version of frugoo scape is gone. The backup of the database got corrupted in a serious of hard drive failures. I have done my best to try to recover it, but there was only so much I could do. I was only able to recover about 30% of the data after using my major haxoring skills. Ultimately this just means the end to Frugoo Scape beta. I’m not going to allow people to create new accounts on a shitty server. I hope this does not upset you, but you still have something to look towards to. I will be done with a beta release of Frugoo Scape ultimate soon. Yes, this does mean that everyone will have to start at lvl 3 again with this new server. I’m sorry and I apologizes for the inconvenience. I have learned from this and this will not happen again. I will do multiple backups of the same data for now on. I can guarantee something like this will never happen again. Also, I can see people reading this and being upset, some people excited to the fact of everyone will be playing Frugoo Scape ultimate and others excited to the fact that Frugoo Scape will fail and it will give their community a chance =p. Yet, I feel like this was something that was going to happen anyways. I did not plan to run Frugoo Scape beta that much longer after Frugoo Scape ultimate was out. Additionally, I would like to tell people that I sent the new server to the data center to be hosted. The server should be up and ready by Wednesday the 2nd of July, or the 3rd the latest. I bought the best parts for the server and built it. The server is a quad core 2.4ghz 8gb of ram. This should be able to handle Frugoo Scape ultimate for a while until it grows to big. I plan to build several more server to take load off. All the Frugoo Scape ultimate beta testers have expressed that Frugoo Scape ultimate is like nothing other that they have seen in other Runescape Private servers. With the features of ebay for selling your items and buying items and many more that I do not wish to release and keep you guessing. The server base is comply coded by me. I have taken a class at a college for Java and pass that with flying colors. Frugoo Scape Ultimate should be able to run 300X easier on the server then its previous predecessor Frugoo Scape beta. Each world is expected to hold ~2k people with no lag. I have also purchased a license for Vbulliten (Forum Software). I am currently customizing it for Frugoo Scape use. These forums should be public upon the release of the new server. I have been rushing the release of the new server is best as I can. Also I would like to apologizes for the recent down time that has been stretching this long. I know this is unacceptable, but a lot of things had went wrong and I had to wait for it all to fall into place. So, I expect a lot of people to get upset about all this and I expect some people to not care and to go with all this. Ultimately, Frugoo Scape Ultimate is just about to start so sit back and relax while I straiten this all out and get everything ready.

Yep, Frugoo Scape beta is gone..FOREVER! That means no more codes! In FSU there won’t be any codes..So.. Don’t expect any updates on this site, because it is meant for Codes……

There’s another awesome game (nothing like FrugooScape or RuneScape) that you should play: Planet Cazmo. It is still in Beta Testing, so you better hurry up! It doesnt suck, it rules! My friend asked me to advertise his site here. It is He needs hits etc. So…please go to

For some secrets about other stuff, click here: SECRET 1

Here: SECRET 2



and here
Maybe I’ll see you in FSU
– Marcel482 A.K.A. Queen Lindy
Yep, Marcel482 A.K.A. Queen Lindy




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12 01 2009

Scuse me I’m a runescape player what Is frugoo scape? Tell me pls

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