Forums back! Commenting available and..Comment Moderators needed!

29 10 2008

Update: Frugooscapecheats has been added to the ShadyLoseri blog! He can make any new pages and posts, but has to be a proper post 🙂 Remember:

Hi everyone!

I’m Leah, part of the ShadyLoseri team. I’m in charge of posting.

Well, the forums are back again! It’s! Please be active otherwise your account will be deleted! Queen Lindy and Chevyboy1 are Administrators. Frugooscapecheats and 6 9i are Global Moderators.

Comments are allowed again! This time..WITHOUT Moderation! Yes, some bad comments may come through..but they will be deleted once we see them.

New Moderators for the site needed..again. This time, they will be called Comment Moderators. You HAVE to have a wordpress account. If you have one and would like to apply for the job, e-mail the ShadyLoseri team at: . If you’re a comment moderator and you have an account on the ShadyLoseri forums, you’ll be made a V.I.P. on the forum!

I don’t know when FrugooScape will be online again. I think it’ll be before January 2009, but I’m not sure. Let’s keep our fingers crossed 🙂 🙂

Well, that’s about all I have to say now! Remember to visit and sign up! Comment on this post and make suggestions for the forums!

Frugoooooo On!!!


P.S. Remember: is the forums! Sign up!




16 responses

29 10 2008
Joel (ShadyLoseri staff)

Yup! Welcome to the team, Leah!

30 10 2008

Hello Leah i’m Fugooscapecheats and i would like to welcome you to the team (although im not officially part of the blog team im a global mod on the forums)

23 11 2008

How do I play frugooscape?
Every time I type in, it brings me to forms.
I need help.

10 12 2008
Queen Lindy

Danny, FrugooScape is currently offline and you can’t play it.

14 12 2008

now we can =D

22 12 2008

how do u get mony in the non cheating server im lvl 66 in cheating server i need to Know how to make mony in the non cheating server tho

23 12 2008


7 01 2009

by mine i mean mine ores (lol)

14 01 2009

hey guyz can u make me a part of the team i can b great help 🙂 plz lol im really good at rs or fs gamez and i no alot of glitches 😦 🙂

14 01 2009
Queen Lindy

lol guyz i think i might make map for fs what u think since it came back up 🙂

14 01 2009

plz queen lindy 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 ;}

20 01 2009

Hey guys..I play rs mostly, but one of my friends has quit due to coming back and playing this game…I herd some talk about this game and i think it mite be fun…Hola at me

p.s if you see a guy named fs hacks anywhere in this game or rs pm me plz in rs and ill play this game 2 moz if it is up

16 03 2009
frugooscape sucks

frugooscape sucks! play runescapae instead so you can acually get money and items. Frugooscape is gay!

Frugooooscape down!!!!

19 05 2009

hey… sum1 plz tell me a site to go to too play frugooscape.. ik it wen i got there it brought me to formums..

4 10 2010

how to register

4 07 2011
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